Contract Manufacturing

GLOBAL’Z laboratories with the international standards are based on the highly qualified experts, who is providing an advanced and sophisticated research, and each step is carefully studied in order to ensure high quality and perfect product.


Our cooperation in simple steps:

Product development
Laboratory, technological and stability tests
Preparation for production (purchase of raw materials and packaging)
Product Manufacturing
Preparation of necessary registration and export documentation
Product Packaging and Quality Control
Delivery to the Customer

The Company Ability and The Production Lines:

Extraction of active plant substances:

  • Oils.
  • Liquid extracts
  • Dry extracts.

Preparing formulas in the company's laboratories according to international and local standards as per:

  • American pharmacopeia.
  • European pharmacopeia
  • British pharmacopeia.

The company production lines:

  • A complete line for extracting plant raw materials from the mother plant.
  • Syrup production line.
  • Capsule production line.
  • Tablet production line.
  • Soft gelatin production line.
  • Effervescent production line.
  • Cream production line (cosmetics).
  • Honey production line.

The Packaging:

All products are packed with European specifications and standards.

The Certifications and documents:

All certification and documents in addition to the globally required analyzes are available with the company, including the registration certificate with the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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