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DAFO Splint

SKU: G1377

DAFO Splint Properties: Manufactured of two piece from high-endurance and flexible polypropylene. Flex- ible posterior upright improves stability in standing and walking. Removable solid base adds exira arch support. heel stability, and strength to block excess plantar flaxion and also it has full wrap inner liner allows full alignment control of the heel, mid-foot, and forefoot. Unique designee for chikiren to give tham more movability and wide tange of exercise and more suc- cass in their activates. Velcro fasteners Straps are adjustable to provide stabilization with desired tightness. Indications:Excess ‏٠‎ ‎plantar flexion in the foot. Strong hyperextension of the knee. The patients exhibit very little voluntary control of the ankle.