Medical Orthosis / Varicose Stockings

Anti Embolism Calf

SKU: G1731

Anti Embolism Calf Socks Properties: Manufactured from high quality, antibacterial and durable fibers with excellent knitting and elastic structure and latex-free. Apply strong pressure which starts at the ankles and gradually decreases towards up. Perform a strong massaging action, which increases blood circuta- tion and reliefs discomfort due to moderately varicose veins. swollen legs and fatigue. Help reduce the risk of trauma-with because they work by reducing blood volume and preventing it from pooling in the veins so they reduce the risk of DVT and blood clots up to 65%. Indications: Reduces the tisk of deep vein thrombosis for immobilized patients before and after surgery. increase blood flow speed by providing gradual pressure, Increases the blood flow in other venous disorders such as chronic venous stasis