Medical Orthosis / Arm-Shoulder Support

Extended Brace

SKU: G5277

Extended Brace Humeral Fracture Properties: Manufacture from lightweight and durable polyethylene. Consists of Two shells with proxdmal shoulder cap stabilize the brace and provides greater control. Skin friendly, protective, laminated with closed cell foam and it has holes for breathing. Adjustable to maintain circumferential soft tissue compression. Allows controlled movement for in the shoulder and elbow, which helps regain full range of motion and function Universal design fits left or right arm. An upper strap with Vekro fastener warps around the shoulder snd brace to beneath the opposite arm securing the shoulder against the body and holding the brace in place. Two Velero fasteners Straps around the arm are ad- justable to provide stabilization with desired tightness. Indications: Humerus’ fractures, After removal of intemal or extemal fixation from the bone, Deep humeral bone bruises. Helps intemal fixation such as unreamed intermedu- lary nails.