Medical Orthosis / Arm-Shoulder Support

Humeral Splint

SKU: G5278

Humeral Splint Properties: Manufacture from lightweight and durable polyeth- ylene. Skin friendly, protective, laminated with closed cell foam and it has holes for breathing. The interior shell is more soft and flexible to accommodate with soft skin of mesial side of the arm. Provides circumfer- ential compression to the soft tissue around the humerus, Universal design fits left or right arm and allows a range of motion in the shoulder and elbow. it has Velcro fasteners Straps which are adjustable to provide stabilization with desired tightness. Indications: Humerus’ frac- tures. After removal of intemal or external fixation form the bone, Defects resutting from tumor growth, Adjunct to internal fixation such as unreamed inter- medulary naits.