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Hip Abduction Brace

SKU: G7284

Hip Abduction Brace Properties: Made of light ther- moplastic and terry cloth tissue laminated with sponge. Provides hip stabilization, and allows 2 Flexion adjustment possible at avery 16 degrees, starting from ‘ 20 up to 120 degrees. Ensures correct position of the hip during upright standing. And It prevents contraction and helps healing tham. Extremely quick applica- tion time and easy to adjust for maximum patient compliance and comfort. Adjustable fasten- fs provides good fitting ac- cording to the patient and make it easy to wear for patient ‘ Indications: In early reha- bilitation and during leaming to walk in case of patients after the hip surgery treatment, In rehabilitation of patients with contracture of the hip joint due ‏٠‎ ‎to the neurological or orthopedic reasons, Chronic instability, Recurrent hip disiocation.