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Diz Rom Brace

SKU: G8203

Diz Rom Brace Properties: Made of light steel bar and sponge-laminated fabric with toweling cloth coat- ing. Adjustable range of motion of the knee between Flexion degrees (0 to 120) and Exten- sion degrees (-15 to 90) which provide external support for protecting knee junction. Lock- out mechanism keeps patients in a fully extended position easily. Four Upper and lower femovable encircling straps with Velcro fasteners mainiain stabi- lization in correct position and desired tightness removable. Anatomic design full open for easy wearing with soft edging for comfort and fits both left and right knee and easy wearing. Reduces the pain by refieving the load on the joint. Langth adjustable to fit with the Patient leg’s length. Indications: Controlled and gradual joint mobilization after ligament injury operations. Col- laterat ligament injury. Stable femoral fractures, Quadriceps and patella tendon repair. Degenerative joint disease where extension/flexion coniral is required.