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Angle Adjustable Knee

SKU: G8287

Angle Adjustable Knee Brace Properties: Made of tight aluminum bar and Strong, lightweight and low profile fibers reinforced composite shells. Comforts to waar with sponge laminated fabric with toweling cloth coating where the product touch the skin. Angle Adjustable hinged brace allows limitation of knee extension and flexion movement. Flexion degree (0 to 120) and Extension (-15 to 30) degree which provide external support : for protecting knee junction. ‎Lock-out mechanism keeps pa- tients in a fully extended position easily. Paddies allow for easy length adjustment Four Upper and lower encircling straps with Velcro fasteners. maintain stabilizer in correct po- sition and desired tightness and prevent slipping down; straps are adjustable and removable Indications: Collateral ligament injuries. ACL the anterior cruciate ligament and PCL Posterior Cruciate Liga- ment ruptures, Meniscus injury, Femur condyte fracture, Patella fracture, Conservative treat- ment of combined instabilities, Instability caused by collateral ligament rupture