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Achill Boot

SKU: G9302

Achill Boot Properties: Manufactured of high-endurance polypropylene with terry toweling coating facing the skin allows air through the channels with extra pads help to increase comfort, providing stability and firm support for patient. Rocker bottom provides more walking stability and encourages natural roll of the foot during the walking motion. Provides the maximum immobili- Zation of the ankle. Adjustable height due to the pads which is three degrees in the heel. Five encircling straps with Velcro fasteners maintain stabilizer in correct position and desired tightness. Indications: Tendon, ligament and soft tissue injury (for post- operation stabilization). Chronic ligament instability. Stable distal tibia and fibuta fractures or distal tibia and fibuia fractures where an extemal fixer is use.Conser- vative management of injuries to the forefoot. mid-foot and tarsus. Achilles tendon repair reha- bilitation.Stable foot and ankle fracture after injured.