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Knee Support With Flexible Stays Half Open

SKU: G1020

Knee Support With Flexible Stays Half Open Properties: Made of neoprene fabric which Provides firm sup- port and promotes flexibility. tex- ture also offers therapeutic haat to soothe aching joints. padded from the inside with plush textile, for excellent comfort antiallergic purposes and exteriorly also with plushy surface for Velcro fasteners. Lateral stainless steel stays provide perfect support for the lateral ligaments and increase stabilization and decrease the pressure on the el- bow. Encircling straps with Vel- cro fasteners maintain supporter in correct position and desired tightness. Anatomic design with soft edging for excellent comfort and fits both left or right hand Indications:Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Tendinitis, Liga- ment instability, Meniscus le- sions, Knee sprains and strains. Sport injuries. Post-op or trauma for protection and rehabilitation purposes.