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One Size Lumbo Sacral

SKU: G1026

One Size Lumbo Sacral Corset Properties: Made of neoprene fabric which Provides firm sup- port and promotes flexibility. tex- ture also offers therapeutic haat to soothe aching joints without moisture buildup. padded from the inside with plush textile for excellent comfort and antial- lergic purposes and exterior is covered also with plushy surface for Vaicro fasteners. Four spiral spring in back support the back muscles. Encirciing straps with Velcro fasteners maintain sup- porter in correct position and desired tightness Indications :Produces warmth and support for lumbar during work and training, Helps fosing weight around abdominal area during sport and exercise, Recommended for the relief of the pain in lumbosacral region which due to weakness of the abdominal muscle